"My soul is elsewhere, I'm sure of that. And I intend to end up there." -- Rumi

Friday, December 16, 2011


Yesterday, my brother-in-law came home from a seven-month deployment overseas.  I just wanted to take a moment and say what an incredible badass I think he is.

That's my beautiful sister welcoming her husband home.  Welcome back, my honorary brother and excellent friend!

And, thank you for being so willing to share your wife with me for the next month!

This time tomorrow, I will be in the Kiev airport.  Waiting out a five hour layover before boarding an 8-hour flight to Beijing, a TEN HOUR layover there, and then humping the final leg to Okinawa, where these people will be waiting for me.  This will be the longest trip I've made in my life so far by a long shot, but I would happily take a trip four times as long if it meant I could see these two at the end of it.

I haven't packed a thing yet, but Christmas presents are all bought.  Eve and Brad, I hope you like Georgian kitch! :)

I love traveling.  I even, in a warped, messed-up kind of way, love airports.  I love how everyone is going somewhere.  Everyone is on a road, be that business or visiting family or finally making that dream vacation you've wanted all your life.  I love making single-serving friends at airport bars or sharing the same space in a squished seating row.  When you're in an airport, it sort of by definition means that you are in transit.  You are leaving something behind, whatever it is and for however long, for something else.  Maybe something new.  Maybe something sad.  Maybe something life-changing.  Maybe something small and inconvenient.  But maybe something awesome.

I have a feeling I'm heading into a whole lot of awesome.

I'm also, little by little, catching up to Matt. :)

I have this beautiful song on my iPod, and I hear it in my head whenever I'm about to step onto ground I have not felt before.  When I was going through my depression of earlier this year, I watched this video a lot.  It always made me happy, and it also helped to re-cement my love of seeing new, exotic, and possibly difficult places, and hardened my shattered resolve to try and live the kind of life I knew I wanted.

I'm completely convinced that this man has the single Best Job in the World, and I want to be him.  Failing actual body-snatcher success, I'm pretty sure that right at this moment I am as close to being Matt as it's possible to be.  Three countries in 24 hours?  Yes please.  Even if two of those are just airports.  Because like I said, I dig on airports.  I do not think I'd be able to get anyone to dance with me though, although I'll never know for sure because I don't plan to try. :)  I leave the dancing to the professionals.

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