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Sunday, December 11, 2011

A week in the life...

Been a week since I left you with probably more negativity than you wanted on your Sunday.  And, as my mother and a good friend so wisely remind me... "This too shall pass."

My Program did end up calling my host family on Monday morning.  When I got home from my first day at the new school, my host Mom was very awesome and we had a long talk -- as much as such a thing is possible with the  language barrier! :)  She broke out the apple chacha and we mended fences the true Georgian way.  My Program also assured me that extraordinary circumstances were in play that had nothing to do with me.  My bedroom's still really chilly, but I'm leaving my door open a little more these days.

The first week at my new school went really well.  My new co-teachers so far seem very supportive and eager to collaborate.  A little different from my Poti school where I wrote in my journal most classes to stave off mind-killing boredom!

I did not work on Wednesday however, because the Tbilisi volunteers got an invitation to attend a meeting with Georgia's Minister of Education at the Sheraton Hotel.  There were about a hundred of us, so it's not like I actually got to meet the man or anything, and no one else was taking pictures (except for journalists) so I didn't feel comfortable snapping any shots either.  But I enjoyed his presentation; he seems very progressive and eager to take our Program even further than it's already come.  Meeting ended around 2:00 and I spent the rest of the day (and well into the night!) hanging with some new expat friends.  Pretty cool day all around.

Friday was a bit of an adventure... I only have two classes on Fridays so came home at 11:00 after a very hard workday. :)  My host mom had lunch ready and once again pulled out the apple chacha.  That stuff is truly deadly.  It sneaks up on you.  This is twice now I have gone from "fine" to flatlined with very little warning in between.  So after my... nap, I arose refreshed and ready to tackle Tbilisi's incomprehensible mass transit system.

I have slowly come to the irritating conclusion that, unless I want to plunk down five or six lari for a cab ride (may not sound like a lot to you Statesiders, but please keep in mind this is almost HALF of what I make in a day!), it's going to take upwards of 30 to ninety minutes to get ANYWHERE.  Doubtless I'll learn some additional secrets as the weeks and months roll out, but as of now I have learned the hard way to budget at least an hour and a half to get anywhere.  That's a little redic, even for someone with as much free time as I have these days.

But back on Friday, I only gave myself one measley hour to get to Suzanne's place, and so was half an hour late.  Oh well.  We were meeting there to travel to Dani's 23rd Birthday Party.

Dani's family must dig her a lot. :)  Huge spread at an excellent restaurant, kareoke (I did NOT sing), followed by dancing.

Me and the Birthday Girl!
This loooong table was all Dani!  Also, Mark and Julie came to town!
 It was a great time, followed by a cool conversation and standing massage (so awesome) at Suzanne's after.  Many thanks to Dani and her family!

Last night was another good time, but I don't feel like uploading photos right now so you will have to wait a few days for the next installment of my Nutty Life Chronicles.

Oh yes, and this time next week I will be wrapping up my first day in JAPAN.  I have been waiting for this for so long, it's almost weird to have takeoff finally so close.  Eve sent me a link to this fabulous website, with instructions to email her with a list of things I wanted to see/do/eat.  Needless to say it was a long list!  Castles, temples, waterfalls, snorkeling, whale watching... and lots and lots of time sipping champagne in pajamas and watching silly movies.  And all of it with two of my favorite people who I haven't seen in almost two years!  Just thinking about that is enough to make me forget a couple of minor second-world inconveniences.

This week is going to fly by what with prep and packing (I love lists so much!), not to mention Christmas present buying which I have been a complete slacker on thus far.

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