"My soul is elsewhere, I'm sure of that. And I intend to end up there." -- Rumi

Thursday, August 18, 2011

One of Those Days

So... I've been feeling really positive these past few days... sometimes I get lucky and a crash is followed almost immediately by a bounceback high.  When these things happen I always try to remember them and remember that even the crappiest moments are just that -- moments in time.  Remember that "This too shall pass."  Doesn't often do me much good next time the crappiness comes, but at least I am trying.

I had an unexpectedly awesome day today... my host Mom woke me up early to ask if I wanted to go to the Sea.  Of course, I never want to do anything early, but I said Yes anyway and got my shit together.  Well, turns out this was one of the best things I could have done... the early morning sea was warm and tranquil and the sun hadn't got its boxing gloves on yet.  I hung out with Nana and my host-cousin Ucha, swam and sunbathed, and just plain enjoyed where I was.

Host Mom Nana and I share a moment.
Me and my host cousin Ucha, visiting home for the summer.

On the way home, we picked up some fresh-baked lavashi that was still warm, came back to the house and Nana set out a breakfast of fried eggs, melon, and the lavashi which we ate with this awesome berry-dill sauce that sounds like it would be weird but is really quite delish.

Upstairs for reading and eventual nap, some work on the computer, then back down for supper with the host fam.  They had beer!  Always a good thing and pretty rare -- I think they've only stocked beer in the house one other time.  After supper I packed up my gear and set out for the 45-minute walk that eventually takes me to the beach bar -- a shack built over the water on the Black Sea.

Black Sea, with Poti's port in the distance.
I met up with Mark and Julie, and we passed a great couple of hours shooting the breeze and enjoying each other's company.  Then it was time for a cab ride home... in the door by 11:30, to have some corn on the cob with the host family, because that's what they were doing at 11:30. :)

Good day.  I needed something to remind me... and that was exactly what I got.

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