"My soul is elsewhere, I'm sure of that. And I intend to end up there." -- Rumi

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My creepy texting stalker

6/28 1:10 AM:  Hello
6/29, 7:01 AM:  Good morning!

7/29, 7:17 AM:  Good morning :)  how are you?
7/30, 10:39 PM:  Good night if you want!

(Me) 7/31, 1:34 PM:  Hi.  :)  So sorry, who is this?
7/31, 1:58 PM:  My name is Irakli, I saw you one month ago and i would like to meet you :)
7/31, 3:32 PM:  I will be glad if you find a little time for me.
(Me) 7/31, 6:56 PM:  I do apologize but I don't recall where I met you.  Through a friend?
7/31, 7:12 PM:  You were in the restaurant when I saw you and i asked your mobile number.  I think they were your friends.
(Me)  7/31, 7:48 PM:  You are going to have to help me here.  When was this?  Which restaurant?
7/31, 7:57 PM:  You were in Oskar with friends. it was about one month ago.  excuse me for my english, i studied it when I was in school :)
7/31, 8:30 PM:  I would like to invite you when you will be free.
7/31, 8:58 PM:  Mary are you still in poty?
7/31, 9:11 PM:  Ok.  I do not want to bore you but i hope sometimes you write answer! :)  good night!

8/2, 12:57 AM:  Hello mary, how are you?
8/2, 9:28 AM:  Good morning!

8/6, 1:10 AM:  Mary are you slipping? (I assume he means sleeping -- suuuuuuper creepy.)

8/9, 8:50 PM:  Good evening Mary.  How are you?
8/9, 8:59 PM:  I do not know what do you think about me.  But i just want to talk with you.  maybe it is little strange for you but it is true!
8/9, 9:08 PM:  Maybe you afraid of people who live here :)  we do not like eat people :)

8/10, 2:43 PM:  Hello again.  Today is very hot day, is not it?
8/10, 4:44 PM:  I will not write message to you if you answer me on one question.

8/11, 8:06 AM:  Good morning!
(Me)  8/11, 10:52 AM:  Please stop texting me.  I don't know who you are and don't think we met where you claimed.
8/11, 11:14 AM:  I am working now and please do not think any bad about me.  I would like just talk with you, because I like english language but i nobody have to talk.
8/11, 12:35 PM:  I know my thinking is different then your because we live in different place but i hope sometimes you answer on my massage.
(Me), 8/11, 1:01 PM:  Stop texting me.

And so far, he hasn't.  It's only been an hour and a half, though.

SOOO creepy.  Let's start with sending someone vague messages really late at night and then very early the next morning, saying nothing about who you are or what the hell you want.  Do this multiple times without a response, which is usually a pretty good indicator that the person does not want to be texted.

Yeah, I probably should have told him to stop it a long time ago, but frankly I'm not used to someone not being able to take a freaking hint.  In the States, when a guy messages a girl once -- let alone a dozen times -- without a reply, that means she is not interested.  (There are, of course, exceptions.  Creepy stalkers live all over.)  But seriously.

It is an important point that I have no idea where I supposedly met this guy or how he got my number.  I certainly don't remember giving out my number to a random guy in a restaurant, although of course I could have forgotten.  But the timing for this is all wrong.  The end of June was when I came down with my Bronchitis.  I was not going out pretty much at all, unless it was something specific like for Julie's birthday.  More importantly, he deliberately mentioned Oskar's.  I frequented Oskar's when I first got to Poti, but had not been back since mid-May.  So -- pretty good chance we did not meet in a restaurant like he said, and we most definitely did not meet at Oskar's.  Besides, "We met at the restaurant," is about the vaguest bit of clarifying information I can think of, and weird that I had to press him three times before he came up with anything like a definitive answer -- inaccurate though it was.

As soon as I realized he was not being up front with how he knew me, I stopped replying and hoped that he would go away.  Until today, that is.  When it became apparent that I was just not going to get that lucky.

SO -- Georgian men, if any of you happen to read my blog (creepy stalkers), let me offer up a bit of free advice.  It's pretty clear that you are used to dogged, irritating persistence eventually getting you what you want, especially when it comes to pursuing women.  I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but pulling crap like this is not going to work with me, just as it's not going to work with any American, British, German, Canadian, or Australian girl I've met while in Georgia.

I hate that I even have to go here, but believe me on this one point: No means No.  It does not mean Yes; it does not mean Maybe Later.  It doesn't mean I'm looking for attention, and it sure as hell does not mean I want you to try again in five minutes.  Bullying or harassing, even when done with smiley emoticons and politeness, is not going to get you a date.

So just... Stop it.


  1. I had assumed it was Zaza again, but I guess this guy started stalking before that. Blech. Sorry you're dealing with the idiots. *hugs*

  2. My guess would also have been Zaza, if you ever mentioned Oskars to him, but I'm not sure how the timing works out.

  3. I'd thought Zaza too at first but the two June texts predate him. More than one douche in Georgia I guess. Go figure. :)