"My soul is elsewhere, I'm sure of that. And I intend to end up there." -- Rumi

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Keeping myself entertained, expat-style

Not every day includes Room Service and a trip to the opera, but there has been pretty consistent fun to be had, both among my expat crew and my wonderful adoptive Georgian family.

With us expats, often it's just low-key chillin' and hanging out, lots of laughter and beer at one of our chosen expat hangouts -- Aragvi, the Green Bar, and Oscar's seem to be winning this race.  Fellow Poti volunteer Shannon recently made her way back to Georgia after taking her summer off in the States, so we welcomed her back with Natakhtari and Georgian pizza, outside at Oscar's.

Julie, Pierre, Shannon, Mark
And here on the porch at the Green Bar... poor Pierre had his wallet stolen at the port and is now using a sunglasses bag as a money pouch!

Sometimes, however, things can get not-so-lowkey.  :)  This was a hilarious night with Julie, Mustafa, and Mustafa's friend whose name I forget.  Don't you just want to take these guys home to meet your mother?

Different night, same exact table.  Program volunteer Laureene came up to visit from Batumi.

Beer is delicious.
Julie and I have also been over to Mustafa's apartment several times for dinner... his roommate Mehmet is a surprisingly amazing chef!  Long-grain rice with mussels in a spice tomato sauce and a side of lentil soup... delicious fried fish and Turkish-style salad... and THIS, a pasta dish that blew my mind clear into the next country.

You can see there is not much of that pasta left.
Georgian food is perfectly fine and good and tasty, and I'm getting friendly enough with a few dishes that I'll likely want to try making them myself once I'm finally back home.  But Georgian food is often just a bit... repetitive.  So it has been really, really great to mix it up with some Turkish flair occasionally.  And I look forward to the next time, like... woah. :)

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