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Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Pierre!

Just a short post because I want to make sure to do this, and tomorrow Julie and I leave for TRABZON.  I am so incredibly excited, not to mention a little nervous.  That trip from Poti to Trabzon, ugh.  But I just found out a random awesome bonus -- James, from our intake group, is also traveling to Trabzon tomorrow!  It will be great to see him, and the more the merrier when it comes to figuring out Turkish!

But first -- yesterday, my friend Pierre had a birthday.  His family had a supra for him, of course...

Birthday Boy in green
And it was a total blast!  Pierre's family is so warm and generous, not to mention excellent cooks.  They made chicken mtsvadi.  I know chicken isn't the most exotic of meats, but I love chicken, and hardly ever get to eat it in Poti.

I arrived at 6:00 and immediately had a beer put in my hand.  And the night just went up from there.  Pierre has a lot of Georgian friends and they were all there -- very cool guys.

I ate a ton of food to wash down the beer, homemade wine and vodka shots that were continually being passed around.  It was an all-around fantastic evening and I hope to be invited back to dinner at Pierre's family's house in the future!

Drinking out of the birthday qanci.
Grapes from the family's vineyards
Georgian dancing... sort of. :)

Another amazing Georgian memory in the books.  And in a few days I will have pictures and stories from Turkey for you.  Peace, all.

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