"My soul is elsewhere, I'm sure of that. And I intend to end up there." -- Rumi

Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh wait, I did have some fun recently...

In between my bronchitis turning into pneumonia, I DID manage to have some fun... apologies for the belated posting.  I've been very blah and unmotivated for far too long.  (Come ON body, GET BETTER!)

My very excellent friend Mark turned 24 two Wednesdays ago.  His family had a wonderful traditional Georgian supra and invited Julie, Pierre, and me.  Superb evening.  His family is great, and their homemade wine isn't bad either.  Happy Birthday Mark!

The next day, Mark wanted to go to Ureki Beach to celebrate, so that is what we did.  MUCH awesomeness and hilarity ensued!

George bought me these seashell sculptures.  I named them Dato and Giorgi.
The Georgians think Ureki sand has health properties.  The guys not buried are on cigarette duty.
Our Tasty Beverages
Julie wanted to try the sand-burying trick.
Birthday Boy War Face

This past Tuesday, I got a call from my English co-teachers that I work with during the school year.  They wanted to take me out for lunch, and I was feeling good enough on my brand-new meds (from Monday), that I could say yes.  We went to Aragvi and had a really great lunch of kinkhali and khachapuri.  Very nice of them to take me out, and really great to catch up.  They are cool people.

Also on Tuesday, our friend and fellow voluteer Blessing called up Julie and wanted to come to Poti for the day.  He's posted in Zugdidi.  So they met up with us at Aragvi, then we walked down to Poti's beachfront.  Clouds rolled in so we just sat on the crumbling sea wall and watched Georgians and their antics.

Georgian Man Water Pyramid
Mark, Julie, Blessing
After it began to get dark (and rain), we went to Mark's family's house once again to be fed an incredible dinner.  Trying to be a good girl and get better, I called it a night around 10:00.

Now it is Friday night, and so far the highlight of the evening was remembering I had bought a package of Skittles earlier.  So Bored.  So.  Ready to not be SICK anymore!!  The pain in my chest which had so happily faded to almost nothing earlier in the week is back.  Only now, it is on BOTH the left and right side, and the right side is even a little worse.  Big sigh.  I decided halfway through teaching today that I really didn't want another weekend like my last one, and called to make an appointment with the doctor this afternoon.  Result?  I have THREE new meds, and another appointment to see him first thing Monday morning.  This means that as of today, I am taking SIX different medications, and will continue to do so for the next couple days until the original meds they prescribed me on Monday run out.  I am convinced they really don't have any clue what is wrong with me... because if it really is just pneumonia, you'd think they would at least have a pretty standard regimen to knock it out.  Pneumonia isn't exactly something weird and unknown.

One more weekend of staying in, reading my kindle and checking Facebook every ten minutes.  When this is finally over, I am SO taking a holiday.

One good thing -- I finally got around to registering for my online TEFL course this evening.  If I am to be house-bound, I may as well do something with it.  Just as long as I'm still on that fence of "too sick to go out," but not "so sick that all I want to do is stare at the ceiling."  Be nice to get something out of all this.


  1. So what does the TEFL course do for you exactly?

    I mean, I assume that you're already Ting E as a FL right now, right?

  2. I'm glad that you're registering for TEFL online. Keep us posted on how that goes! I've been seriously considering it myself, especially as I have an 'in' w/a university in Doha (which I'll happily hook you up with if you feel like living in Qatar next)...

    I'm worried for your health and I hope that you get well and can have some more crazy adventures soon! *hugs*

  3. Matt -- Getting my TEFL will open doors to additional teaching opportunities overseas -- maybe even in Western Europe!! :)

    Thanks Girl -- I'll keep everyone posted. I really hope this trip to Tbilisi will pay off, because it's just going to be two long uncomfortable train rides otherwise.

    Qatar sounds fun... but *hot,* and could I really live somewhere that doesn't love wine? :) Still, something to think about, definitely.