"My soul is elsewhere, I'm sure of that. And I intend to end up there." -- Rumi

Thursday, April 21, 2011

One Door Closes...

Yesterday was kind of incredible.

It was my last day at work.  And I survived!  The kind of day I had, I wouldn't wish on anyone, but even the longest closed-door meeting has to end eventually.  I shut down my computer, wiped the berry, turned off my desk lamp.  I was done.

My boss actually gave me a really sweet champagne reception at the end of the day.  And then several of my co-workers took me out for a truly impressive send-off at a couple of my favorite DC watering holes.  And my Caps pulled ahead in the quarterfinals, 3-1.

Today I woke up in a panic, thinking that I was late.  I laid there and thought about not having an office to drive to anymore.  No more waking up and reaching for my blackberry before I even get out of bed.  No more hour and a half commute.  Man, that commute really freaking blew.

It's hard to say how I feel.  I'd been with this job for almost five years.  That's longer by far than any relationship I've ever had.  Irrationally, now that I really think about it, it does feel kind of like that -- like ending a relationship.  There are quite a few people I said goodbye to that I will miss.  We had a lot of good times over the years, and made a lot of memories.

Fate is not without a sense of timing, because as I was wrapping up my last day in a DC office, I recieved the most important email since the one where I was told I'd been accepted into the program.

They've booked my flight.  I leave at 10:55 PM, April 29 out of Dulles.  Connecting in Istanbul, and finally touching down in Tbilisi. 

No turning back now. And I'll make my way back home when I learn to fly.

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  1. Off you go! So exciting that you have your tickets. Congrats on being done with work, ending that chapter and starting one with a lot more adventure. xo